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Renew your membership for 2022

Last updates Dec 17, 2021

As the end of 2021 is approaching, we want to thank our members for being AEPC members! Without you, we would not exist, and we are very grateful that you have supported us even when our activities have not been as usual. The past two years have been a challenge to all of us, and also to our Association. Although the situation still seems precarious, we hope that things will return to (a new) normal and the world will open up again.

It is now also time to renew your AEPC membership. Your membership contribution includes the annual fee for your AEPC membership, online subscription to ‘Cardiology in the Young’ (CitY), and membership in one of the AEPC working groups. 

You will have received an invitation to renew your membership sent by the AEPC Office.

The AEPC Business Meeting last July approved a small increase in the membership fees. Please take note of this when paying your dues.

Annual fees 2022
Membership fees include online subscription to CitY and membership in one of the AEPC wokring groups:
Ordinary member EUR 185.00
Junior member / Nurse & Allied Health Professional member EUR 90.00
Senior members are exempt from paying dues, unless they wish to receive the journal 'Cardiology in the Young'. In that case, they should notify the Treasurer and pay EUR 80.00.

When paying your membership, you can also join additional working groups by adding EUR 10.00 per working group to your payment. Payment of your dues can be done online by credit card, or you can pay by bank transfer. You can find the necessary information here > 

Please note that your payment is due by 31 January, 2022. 
From 1 February 2022, a late payment fee of EUR 10.00 is added.

Any member whose membership fees of the current year remain unpaid by 31 December, will be considered to have resigned without notice. To resign as an AEPC member (and avoid additional fees in case you wish to re-join in the future), please send your resignation to the AEPC Office before 31 December 2021.

The AEPC is counting on you as an active member in good standing, and to support the Association by paying your fees on time - Thank you very much for your cooperation!

With my best wishes for 2022,

Juha-Matti Happonen
AEPC Treasurer

Do not hesitate to contact the AEPC Office or me for any request or difficulty you may encounter.

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