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Imaging Working Group education grants 2020-2021 for Junior Members

Last updates Sep 17, 2020

The AEPC Imaging Working Group is offering an education grant for junior members of the AEPC Imaging Working Group (in good standing). Our intention is to assist junior members still in training, to access an educational experience not available to them at their home institution. The applicant with the best grant proposal will receive EUR (€) 3,000. The 2nd best applicant will receive EUR (€) 1,500 and the 3rd best will receive EUR (€) 750.  

It is important that all applicants are in good standing; i.e. are up to date with membership subscriptions and have elected the Imaging Working Group as their associated interest Group.

Detailed information about the grant application and the eligibility criteria can be found here >> 

The completed grant application form should be sent to the Imaging Working Group Secretary by 31st March 2021.


Kind regards,

Owen Miller

AEPC Imaging Working Group Chair


Inga Voges

AEPC Imaging Working Group Secretary

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