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Fetal Cardiology Working Group - Business Meeting & Call for nominations

Last updates Mar 23, 2021

A virtual Business Meeting of the AEPC Fetal Cardiology Working Group members is scheduled to be held on Wednesday, 9 June, 2021 from 16.30-17.30 CET. The platform that will be used to hold the meeting is Microsoft Teams.
An invitation will be emailed at the end of May.

Note that one position in the WG Council will become available this year. All members are invited to nominate a WG member in good standing for the position, by sending an email message no later than 1 month before the Business Meeting (by 9 May) to

The Agenda for the AEPC Fetal Cardiology Business Meeting 2021 is available in the members area: Agenda >

The Business Meeting is open to AEPC members in good standing. If you wish to participate, make sure your membership dues are paid.

Annika Öhman
Secretary AEPC Fetal Cardiology Working Group

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