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AEPC Statement on the war in Ukraine

Last updates Mar 9, 2022

AEPC, the European organization for paediatric and congenital cardiology, aims for international collaboration to promote health care of patients with congenital heart disease all over the world through scientific and educational work. Acts of war disturb and disrupt the work done by health care providers to care for this vulnerable group of patients.

AEPC strongly condemns the actions of the leaders of the Russian Federation for the unprovoked and aggressive attack against Ukraine, a sovereign European nation. The ruthless war, directed also against the civilian population, causes death and unmeasurable human suffering in the country.

AEPC supports all colleagues and friends in Ukraine who continue to help children and families during unbearable circumstances of war, and calls for an immediate cessation of all hostilities.

AEPC stands together with the people of Ukraine and the international community, and firmly declares its strong contempt for the invasion into Ukraine. 


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