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AEPC scientific GRANT for Junior Members 2018 is open. Deadline 1-10-2018

Last updates Jul 3, 2018

Aim of the funding is to support scientific projects in the field of paediatric and congenital cardiology in Europe. The research proposal  preferably includes work in the field of basic science, however, all fields of clinical science could be addressed. Preferentially, work that is performed in an international context, that is the Junior moved to another European Country or is in co-operation with at least 2 European Countries, is expected. The results of the research or parts of it should be presented at one of the upcoming annual AEPC meetings and published in Cardiology in the Young.


The Scientific Advisory Committee of the AEPC is expecting a research proposal of  5 pages describing the project (A4, double spaced). The AEPC will support Junior Members in full standing only. Junior Members of the AEPC are  graduates, who are less than 38 years of age and in addition, are officially in a training programme in Paediatric Cardiology or related fields in Europe or around the world.

The abstract should include the background and the hypotheses of the research program, a description of the project with a time line and a finance plan.

Additionally, letters of support from the supervisors have to be added: the director of the unit where the Junior Member is trained and the director of the unit where the study will be performed.

The overall support will be for personnel, mobility and consumables

The financial horizon will be 30000  Euros

The grants will be reviewed by the members of the Scientific Advisory Committee. The submission should be e-mailed to the Scientific Secretary:

Nico Blom,  email


The deadline for submission is 1-10-2018

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