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AEPC congratulates Prof Shakeel Qureshi on his promotion to Knights Bachelor

Last updates Jan 3, 2022

The AEPC council congratulates AEPC honorary member Professor Shakeel Qureshi on his promotion to Knights Bachelor with the 2022 New Year Honours. 

The honours system recognises extraordinary people who have made achievements in public life & committed themselves to serving and helping Britain.

Professor Shakeel Ahmed Qureshi

Shakeel Qureshi is a globally respected paediatric cardiologist. He has established 4 Peace of Mind, a charity to provide emergency relief after natural disasters throughout the world and also works pro bono for the charity Chain of Hope, UK, operating on sick children both in the UK and abroad, and training teams of doctors in less developed countries. Towards the end of the 1980s, frustrated by the lack of appropriate specialist equipment for operating on children with congenital heart defects, he and a colleague set out to design the appropriate type of balloon catheters, which are now used worldwide. Due to its success, they began designing smaller catheters to treat smaller and smaller babies and children. Nearly 100,000 similar paediatric balloon catheters are now manufactured every year and used worldwide. In 2013, he came up with the paravalvar leak device and lately has been at the forefront of using and evaluating new valves, which allow specialist doctors to treat leaky valves. He is also heavily committed to organising teaching and educational conferences for the specialty worldwide.

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