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AEPC 2021 - Abstract submission deadline approaching

Last updates Dec 3, 2020

You only have limited time left to submit your abstract for the AEPC Annual Meeting 2021!

You have until Monday 14 December 2020 to submit your abstract. You can submit either a revised version from your 2020 submission or a completely new abstract. 

Accepted abstracts originally submitted for the 2020 Annual Meeting are accepted as at least Poster Presentations for the 2021 meeting. It is preferred that you submit an updated version of the abstract, however this is not mandatory.

Accepted abstracts will be published in Cardiology in the Young after the AEPC Annual Meeting 2021.

For more details on abstract submission & to submit your abstract, please visit the AEPC 20201 website >> 

*The format and setup of the AEPC Annual Meeting 2021 are dependent on the developments surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Please keep an eye out on the AEPC website, AEPC Annual Meeting 2021 website and our official mailings for further updates.


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