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The data regarding Covid-19 crisis is being updated constantly. However, there is a scarce number of publications addressing the management of children with cardiac pathology. Hence AEPC officers have been frequently asked various questions related to Covid-19 and patients with CHD. This led to the publication of FAQ’s and expert answers based on the most recent available literature sources. The goal of this document is to frame a discussion on how to take care of children with cardiac pathology in the setting of Covid-19 during this unprecedented crisis. As the times are changing quickly and information regarding Covid-19 is very dynamic, continuous collection of evidence will help guide constructive decision-making.

Acknowledgment: We are grateful to all of the AEPC Council and Educational committee members for their involvement and endorsment.

Financial Support: This manuscript received no specific grant from any funding agency, commercial or not-for-profit.

Conflicts of Interest: none.

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