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Call for Bids to host the 60th Annual Meeting of the AEPC - AEPC 2027 is now open!

Last updates Dec 1, 2023

The Call for Bids for the 60th Annual Meeting of the AEPC - AEPC 2027 is now open!

Letters of Intent may only be submitted by AEPC members in good standing.

Please note that at this stage the potential meeting chair willl only need to complete the first part of the Call for Bids process: the submission of a Letter of Intent. The deadline to submit this Letter of Intent is 8 January 2024.

Following this deadline, the AEPC Council will take some time to review the proposed destinations on suitability to host the meeting. Notice of acception/rejection will be sent by 31 January 2024.

⇒ Upon acceptance of the letter of intent, the AEPC PCO will work on the bid books together with the applicants. The completed bid books will be submitted to the AEPC Council per the requirements outlined in the AEPC 2027 Bid Guidelines.

All submitted bids that are considered suitable by the AEPC Council will be presented to the membership by the submitter during the AEPC Business Meeting. In case of multiple bids being presented, voting will take place electronically following the Business Meeting. 

A detailed timeline & description of all requirements is provided in the bid guidelines, which can be downloaded from the members' area.

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