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Awards WG Pulmonary Hypertension and Heart Failure (WG PHHF)

Last updates Nov 3, 2017

Best oral abstract "Pulmonary Hypertension and Heart Failure" Awards, AEPC 2018: 

The best 6 abstracts will be selected after the general grading process of the AEPC for oral presentation in a dedicated WG PH&HF Session by the PH&HF abstract selection committee. These best 6 abstracts will be selected from those abstracts submitted to AEPC Athens on the topics “pulmonary hypertension” and/or “heart failure” and already accepted by the AEPC SAC. 
The WG PHHF offers the 2 following Awards:
- 1.) The Best Oral Abstract PH&HF Award (2018): 1st rank = 2000 EUR
- 2.) The Best Oral Abstract Travel Award (2018) to attend the PH&HF workshop/Symposium in Paris, 10/2018 = 2nd rank (2nd best oral abstract) = 1000 EUR + free registration in Paris

Best Paper (Original Article) Award, at AEPC 2018: 
AEPC members, who are either trainees or junior faculty. The “best paper selection committee” will meet in Athens, on May 8 or 9, 2018, to discuss each submitted manuscript, and elect the winner of this Award (=2000 EUR).

Eligibility Criteria for the Best Paper Award, WG PH&HF are the following: The Applicant must be:
1.) AEPC member
2.) First author of the submitted original article
3.) Not senior faculty (i.e. graduate student, PostDoc, resident, fellow, junior faculty = Definition: within 2 years of subspecialty certification and less than 5 years faculty)
4.) Level of acceptance: Papers (Original Articles) in press are accepted for selection,
5.) Papers (Original Articles) published/in press 2017 or later will be accepted for selection!
6.) Applications (Cover Letter + CV + Original Article in one pdf file with a size of < 10MB) need to be submitted by April 30, 2018, to Georg Hansmann ( and in cc to Martin Koestenberger (
7. The selection committe may decide not grant the award in any given year, based on the submissions

Correspondence to:

Chair WG PH&HF à Georg Hansmann; Email:

or: Martin Koestenberger, Email:

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